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Yelp Cash Back Saga: Part 3 New Features

When we thought we were done with this story, Yelp goes and adds NEW Features! I highly approve of the additions. The Saga continues… If you’re wondering what Yelp Cash Back is, then please take a moment to read Part 1 OverviewΒ and Part 2 Successful Redemption & ReviewΒ of the Saga before reading on! I haven’t figured out a way to update & republish older blog posts on WordPress just yet so I’m making a Part 3.

Check Your Profile!

That’s right in Yelp’s funky new layout you can now go directly to your profile to see how much Cash Back you have logged to date! I love the transparency instead of waiting aimlessly for your cash back/prince to show up. Obviously the Cash Back is only viewable to you when you’re logged in and not to the public.

Detailed Breakout per Transaction



This screen in your profile shows monthly statement credit you’ll receive! Most are 7%, except the Shawarma Falafel unicorn at 10%.

Have you gotten a chance to try out the Yelp Cash back feature?
Let me know if you have / plan to and what your thoughts are on the program! I have several more places to try on my list, I’m sure you’re positively on the edge of your seat for the subsequent reviews.


4 thoughts on “Yelp Cash Back Saga: Part 3 New Features

  1. Thanks for documenting all this. You’ve convinced me to try this myself.
    7-10% cash back is really generous. Might as well try it while they’re still this high.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there! There really aren’t that many resources around for yelp cash back so I’m glad that it helped you with your decision! πŸ˜€ If you have rewards cards too you can stack it with those as well.


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