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Batman v Superman’s Fatal Flaw

I’ve seen this movie three times now. Once in theaters where I actually started to fall asleep (a first). Once after it was put on HBO Now to see if I missed anything redeeming. And once to write this.

Who’s wanted to see Batman and Superman fight each other? What’s that? Everyone born after 1939? What a letdown!

There is a lot wrong with this movie. There’s the stitched together story, the forced cameos from the future Justice League (save Wonder Woman), Batman the Bullet Farmer, Superman not growing from his experiences inΒ Man of Steel, lack of color, and the most painful Lex Luthor portrayal I’ve seen in a movie. Also, kryptonite. I am so sick of kryptonite. Use your imaginations to find other ways to fight Superman!

Image result for kryptonite bvs
I call it, “The Lazy Spear”!

The sad thing is that I can forgive all of that because of the good elements.


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