Short Honeymoon Hiatus

Temporary post alert. Today is the day!

We will be packing, traveling and more packing for the remainder of May! Exciting stuff right?! We will be on a brief hiatus for the remainder of May. Check out a previous post of our Travel Map of locations in Italy we will visit and follow instagram on the side to see more real time updates, minus the long winded commentary! We seriously had every intention of creating some content before hand and to schedule but oh well… Otherwise we have surprisingly kept up with the schedule!

Not to worry we will be back before you know it with more content and this post will self-destruct. In the mean time if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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Dance Lessons: db Studios

Between my me and my husband we have 4 left feet… The thought of awkwardly tripping all over each other or swaying lifelessly for our first dance as our friends and family watched on me queasy. My original plan was to DIY our dance routine by just using our favorite resource, YouTube! (Seriously I used this to learn how to swim.) Time slipped by — fast forward to February with the wedding around the corner! While browsing Groupon I noticed a deal for dance lessons at db studios which was very conveniently located for us. Of course I browsed reviews ahead of time to make sure we weren’t walking into a trap, and noticed that they had several glowing reviews. What did we have to lose trying them out? (BTW they also just started April 2016.) Congratulations to db studios too for celebrating their 1 year anniversary!

Another similarly priced location is Dance in Boston (DiB). Many other dance studios do not even publish their rates online and you have to call to get more info.

Us with Jon McLaughlin himself!

We decided that our first dance song would be I Am Always Gonna Love You by Jon McLaughlin [1] before we started our lessons. That way we could hit the ground dancing!

The owner and instructor, Kendall, responded immediately to our initial e-mail inquiry and we set up a FREE consultation dance lesson with her. I may have inadvertently made her update the website since it now says the Groupon/Yelp deals can’t be combined. Oops!

Free lesson cannot be combined with any other offer, including Groupon/Yelp etc. Groupon- Not eligible for free consultation offer.

True to their website slogan, Kendall is an extremely knowledgeable, patient and friendly instructor! She has a strong background in competitive ballroom dance and has over a decade of experience teaching adults and kids. We felt comfortable trying new steps the entire time with her guidance. We even overcame my biggest fear of being dropped while doing the dip finale. We did not create specific choreography for the dance so each time we performed the song, it was slightly different. There were so many times where we were either too early or too late for the ending!

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Italy Honeymoon Travel Map

2 weeks away from our 2 week Tour of Italy honeymoon! We are eternally grateful for everyone who contributed to our honeymoon fund to make our trip even more memorable! In addition to uploading photos on social media, we will share details about our trip here since we don’t travel often enough to warrant a separate travel blog. Of course there will also be reviews and stories integrated for all the main stops!



I also created a Google Map, which you can browse of some locations we will visit on our adventure. Thanks to my friend MlleJia for sharing how she embedded the map while she’s documenting her adventures in SE Asia. I think that is an upgrade WordPress feature that’s not available for the basic package we have. You can just click on the image and it will take you to my Google Map for more details about each of the stops laid out over the course of 14 days!


If you have any recommendations please share we would love to add more places to check out while we are in Italy!

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Bridal Shows: to go or not to go?

I’m pleased to announce my first ever collaborative post with a fellow blogger, Leona AKA Crafty Boo & Artsy Pea about our experiences at bridal shows! So it’s like you’re getting 2 Wedding Wednesday posts at once! Especially great when drowning with work these days. Check out her blog for her Wed or Bust experience at the 2nd Annual Craft My Wedding Bridal Show in Boston! (I actually found the event through Yelp and shared it with her since I thought it would be perfect!)

I attended The Bridal Event at The Mall at Chestnut Hill armed with a few of my Bridesmaids and my future mother-in-law on September 27, 2015 (wow, that seems like ages ago now). Fresh from my engagement in August 2015, the excitement of wedding planning didn’t fully unravel into the anxiety-filled days presently, so I thought I had plenty of time. I actually found out about the event just by shopping at the Mall several weeks prior. For any average person who has been to the Chestnut Hill Mall, you may notice that it exudes an air of pretentiousness with its limited set of high end/luxury stores. Now, knowing their target audience, the bridal show definitely exhibited brands that I would never be able to afford, nor would I want to splurge on. The show I attended  was *FREE*, but don’t be turned off if the one you want to go to charges an admission fee! (Leona had a great time at hers and hers had a $15 fee.)
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Schedule Announcement!


We are still going strong since my First Post on February 10th with the ambitious goal of posting 2-4 times a week!*

Thank you for the positive response on my Engagement & Wedding Series idea! Me and my Guest Author (or more like co-author at this point) have come up with a schedule that we hope you will enjoy! We’ve even made alliterations so that it’s easy to remember. If you check the TOP MENU, I’ve also added quick links so you can pull up all of the posts under our featured categories. Don’t forget to check out my Rating Rubric page too where you’ll get an idea for how I determine how to rate items.

Mark your calendar folks:

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Engagement & Wedding Series

Despite all my initial protests the wedding is happening! My poor friends and family know all too well the struggle of my Anti-Bride tactics. Posting this moments before my bridal shower hosted by my bridal party! The wedding countdown on TheKnot alarmingly marks 50 days away. As my wedding is relatively early in 2017 (most popular month is June), maybe this series will help whoever is reading. Newly engaged, future brides, bridal party, those who want to live vicariously through my experience?

I plan to write several posts (based on interest) and share them leading up to the wedding and while Dana and I are on our honeymoon in Italy. You can use this post as a landing page to link to all the others in the series! I can also make this a main page in the links at the top menu.


Please take a look at the listing below and COMMENT with the related bulleted # you would be interested to read about info/reviews and if you have any questions!

PRE-WEDDING TOPICS – Mostly enough experience to make an informational post!

  1. Free Wedding Websites Part 1 (3/22/17) – Ah wedding website… which one to choose? These days most couples have one! Hopefully this is the first resource that guests can use to get info on your event and yourself if they don’t know you directly very well.
    • TheKnot Part 2 – I spent a tremendous amount of effort crafting useful and entertaining information.
      • Features – Guest list manager, collecting addresses, RSVP, pages
  2. Save the Date & Wedding Invitation – Where to print these things that will supposedly live on your loved one’s fridges.
  3. Bridal Shows – Set up a separate e-mail before you go to this or else your personal e-mail will be inundated with offers forever!
    • FREE perks! – which ones are legitimate and potential scams to sell you more stuff (looking at you MaryKay)
      •  Boston Harbor Lighthouse Luncheon Cruise
      •  Engagement Photo Session with Kristin Griffin Photography in Larz Anderson Park
  4. David’s Bridal – They seriously have a monopoly on wedding dresses and bridal dresses. Should this be your default/ultimate choice?
    • Are their sales really sales?!
  5. Wedding Withouts – What not to expect at our wedding from the Anti-Bride. I tried to cut out a lot more, but was only successful in some aspects.

POST WEDDING TOPICS – We haven’t had enough experience to make a full conclusion just yet!

  1. Registries – Target, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Zola (Honeymoon)
  2. Raffael’s Banquet Facility – We chose a venue that included a package for catering, invitations, floral center pieces and various other amenities. Ceremony & Reception execution: don’t worry I won’t spare any details!
  3. db Studios – Dance lessons so we don’t look like we have no idea what we are doing for the first dance.
  4. Kristin Griffin Wedding Photography – As mentioned above, I actually found her through a bridal show and decided to sign a contract for the wedding day.
    • EcA Productions Videographer – subcontracted through Kristin 5 hours
  5. Honeymoon Gate 1 Travel – 14 day trip through Italy!
    • Optional excursions – Gondola ride in Venice, Day trips to Florence, Capri and Venice
    • Meals & Hotel Accommodations
  6. Q & A – Any burning questions about overall wedding planning process.

P.S. This is my 10th official blog post, 14th in total if you also count ones made by hannasotherhalf (Dana)!