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Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Review

To all my beauty lovers and (low-key) addicts trying so save some money and look good. It’s here again Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty! Starting this Sunday, March 19th through Saturday April 8th!

They have several of these 21 day events throughout the year with hair care and skin care, but of course this beauty one is my favorite by far! They feature amazing daily deals from the prestige brands for online and in-stores. I’m hoping to share my excitement for y’all to pick up some awesome beauty steals as I’m trying to save money these days for upcoming large expenses. I’ve participated in several of these in the past couple years to accumulate quite the stash…

Here’s the calendar for your reference! I’ll let you know which ones I think are the best deals. I LOVE the Ulta rewards program and special deals like this much more than Sephora’s Beauty Insider program. See my post about the silly Rewards Bazaar Review.

Platinum Perk (P): If you’re an Ultamate Platinum rewards member like me, you’ll get free shipping on all of these orders too! Along with some platinum exclusive items. Think about if you have anything else you need/want to add to your order too! Might as well with the free shipping! If you want to join you can use my referral link. Maybe I will do a separate review of the Ultamate rewards program juxtaposed against the Sephora Beauty Insiders program as well as a future post.



Hanna’s Daily Deal Picks – set a calendar reminder! Good for one day only.

  1. 3/19 – Too Faced: Love Flush Blush ($13) – I’ve only got deluxe samples in a set, but I might snag one in I Will Always Love You!
  2. 3/29 – IT Cosmetics: Naturally Pretty Vol 1 Eyeshadow Palette ($21) – You need this matte palette in your life. There’s a shimmer transformer too. Such a great array of colors for everyday and bold colors. Love the transition shades too!
  3. 4/1 – IT Cosmetics:  Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder SPF 50 ($17.50) – I love this brand and I’m in the market for a new powder foundation!
  4. 4/2 – Shiseido: Eyelash Curler ($10) – I own this and got it not as much on sale at Sephora. Great deal! Tied with Tarte for favorite curler for my stubborn lashes.
  5. 4/5 – Cargo Swimmables (Waterproof) Collection 50% Off \ $9-$14.50 – I already know I’m going to end up in a puddle of tears on the wedding day so I’m looking for waterproof everything to lock in my make up look.
  6. 4/8 – Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Wiz Pencil ($10.5) – Love this stuff! Last year they had the brow powder and I picked up a back up since it looked like I might hit pan soon.

Hanna’s Hot Buy Picks – Available for all 21 days, almost forgot about this page! I will need to stop by my local Ulta to do some swatches so I can get the right shades before the event launches.

  1. Tarte Double Duty Confidence Cream Powder 40% off ($21) – torn between this at the IT Cosmetics one above. This one doesn’t have SPF though, but it seems better for dry skin.
  2. Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes 40% off ($29) – do I really need another neutral palette? No. Maybe you might benefit though! I love how Smashbox always includes diagrams and a how-to guide for their palettes.

In the past I’ve snagged some amazing finds from this event in particular! Learn from my mistakes and check early in the day for these items, as the popular items tend to SELL OUT quickly in (all shades)! They also make great gifts for your loved ones if you know they love a certain brand or product. Those Becca blushes are still the ones that got away for me last year… Don’t forget to also check their Gifts with Purchase page for excellent add-ons, to get some extra freebies! Oh and check the coupon codes you may be able to use a code too if you have some drugstore items too!

There are so many goodies! What items catch your eyes so far on the calendar?!

Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★

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Sephora Rewards Bazaar Review

Good morning lovelies!

Yet another frenzied session of the hunger games-esque Rewards Bazaar challenge passed on Tuesday with more salty casualties. Over the course of a few years, I’ve amassed an embarrassingly high number of Beauty Insider (BI) rewards points at Sephora. At my highest, I was almost at 4,000 points. I somehow talked myself into another year of VIB Rouge. I only spent at most 500 points per year, hoarding indefinitely since the deluxe sample prizes only ranged from 100 to 500. Why would I spend my points when I could use a code to get a deluxe sample kit, or better yet get these generous Gift with Purchases at Ulta?!


Now what is this bizarre program anyway and why aren’t many people talking about it? Maybe only the truly beauty obsessed torture themselves every week hoping for something good. There’s a very active BeautyTalk (Sephora Forum) thread that I subscribe to, where many helpful BIs share their experiences and post links to rewards as soon as they become active. This review will be broken down into 4 parts (Overview, Good, Bad and Ugly).


  • New point perks are released on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 am and 5pm PST.
    • Usually they drop close to 9 PST / 12pm EST (lucky for me it’s during lunch, since I’m chained to my desk most days).
  • There seem to be only a few (1-3) perks added at a time (each day for US/Canada)
    • Beginning of the month they restock the 100-500 point perks
  • The newly added perks range from 100 points to 50,000 points
    • 750+ points perks are only available online, but you get free shipping without having to purchase another item!
    • The smaller 100-500 point perks are available in store, while supplies last
  • There are limited quantities of the perks available and sometimes they show the quantity for US & Canada in the “coming soon” e-mail newsletter
  • Each month they feature a Brand where they will have a series of rewards ranging from products to once in a life time type experiences
    • Kat Von D, Sephora, Marc Jacobs, Fresh, Too Faced, etc…
Already own this palette, but I still hit refresh in multiple browsers every Tuesday/Thursday.

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