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Man of Steel Review

Continuing my series of DC reviews is the movie which started the DCEU and, in all honesty, the Superman movie that audiences asked for. What I mean by that is that DC tried a more quiet, classic Superman film with more focus on the characters than the action and special effects when making Superman Returns. Who here has seen Superman Returns? Not many people, and that’s what the financiers looked at when trying to catch up to the MCU. Why WOULDN’T they go the exact opposite route after that?

Image result for superman returns
I tried so hard to be Christopher Reeve!

This movie is basically an origin story for Superman. Krypton is destroyed, Superman lands on Earth and learns his heritage, then fights Kryptonian criminals who want to destroy the world. He’s not quite a superhero in this movie since he focuses more on fighting the villains than saving people. There are 2 exceptions to this, the first being him taking 5 seconds to save a falling soldier, an incident that he remains stone-faced throughout, and 1 other example which I’ll get to later. I don’t care too too much about this since Superman was still getting used to his role and the full extent of his powers, so it’s not exactly a negative for me.

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Forgetting Florence (Day 5)

Confusing title huh? Not that we’d want to forget our fun time in arguably the most popular city of Renaissance, Florence. Dana actually visited Florence almost a decade ago when his sister studied abroad. So smitten with the city he even picked out a spot for an  engagement proposal! More on that later. Fast forward to our honeymoon – only 8 hours in the town where do we venture? Thank you so much to my cousin from Australia who helped make this optional excursion along with other memorable ones possible!

Well we knew that we definitely had to see David up close at the Academy of Fine Arts, and of course walk the beautiful streets soaking in the heart of the Renaissance. Johnny also recommended checking out the Uffizi Gallery. I didn’t see the spelling so I re-purposed that word as a pun saying “Ooooh (my) feetsies!” from all the walking we did. I had been training on the elliptical for the Duomo stair climb, and unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to climb the steps, but we did enter as the line died down right before we left for the day to enjoy the magnificent architectural design and artwork within.

I wish I had a high powered enough camera to capture the beauty! Wikipedia article.

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Wedding Registries: Amazon & Zola

Continuing from the first part about Wedding Registries Online and Traditional, let’s deep dive into Amazon & Zola! I’ve also updated the previous post with all the ratings if you are curious. I’ve only seen one other couple who also registered on Amazon, and it was so easy to just order something with our Amazon prime account! Most of our friends and my parents specifically are very familiar with ordering stuff from this retailer. It was actually my father that introduced me to this for ordering books over a decade ago. Zola on the other hand I have never seen anyone else use until after our bridal shower. (It’s actually the wedding we will attend this weekend!)

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Montecatini Mostly by Night (Days 4-7)

Montecatini what a mouthful to say. Honestly we didn’t get to explore the Tuscan town we stayed overnight in extensively, but we had great time overall! I also became obsessed with the word Quirinale because it was part the name of where we stayed, Hotel Francia E Quirinale. (Plus it’s just fun to say.) It used to be where the president would reside so the word itself is associated with being presidential I guess. The hotel itself had an old world charm to it from those obnoxiously huge keys with a plastic tag. This may have been our favorite location in terms of food since the Swordfish one night was excellent. Breakfast each morning was consistently great! (They had this unique over hard egg in a Hollandaise-esque sauce.) We got to enjoy the outdoor pool on the last day! I didn’t notice any specific signage for their thermal spas, so perhaps if we return in the future we will seek them out!


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Rolling Tuscany: Lucca (Day 4)

Next stop: the historical town of Lucca for our adventure, hidden in the rolling hills of Tuscany. We were really en route to Montecatini, but of course we can’t check in until 3PM so why not take another side trip? (This seemed to be Gate 1’s itinerary strategy.)  Our journey there by bus (and to all the subsequent locations) slowly lulled me to sleep by our wonderful driver, Stefano. For the parts when I was awake, I noticed narrow highways with large strips of farm land similar to the US. There were of course several olive and fig trees instead of the regular US corn vegetation. Never heard of it? Apparently that was the point! There was so much history in this lesser known portion of Italy that we both discovered! Our excellent local tour guide, Gabriel, explained that Lucca was one of the most secure kingdoms in Italy during the middle ages. Also it was  one of the few stable currencies accepted across Europe, until the rulers decided they needed more of a low profile. Thus much of the city has been well preserved including the remarkable walls all around the city. As he put it, everyone knows that Switzerland is a rich country with a high standard of living, but try to name the prime minister. (Do they even use a PM? I don’t know, but they’re rich!)

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Wedding Registries: Traditional and Online

Ah registries! One of the many tricky aspects of a wedding (as I’m reflecting on our wonderful gifts from the continued session of Thank You note writing). I honestly had no familiarity with this concept until we started receiving invites directly addressed to us! As a guest, most people don’t start looking at the registry until 2 weeks prior to the event. Be it a wedding shower OR the actual wedding. As the couple getting married, they also must walk the line of picking out appropriate items without coming off as greedy: wide price range and quantity for guests to choose from. For someone who hates surprises, I love registries now!

Do people (our age) still follow the convention of sending a gift even though they can’t attend the wedding? We’ve encountered several flustered friends who when we have talked to them immediately mention they will send a gift without us mentioning. Do or don’t, just be candid with us haha. There’s no need to avoid us over this awkward topic! We enjoy quality time with folks and appreciate friends making the effort to reach out to catch up. Etiquette suggests that they still have up to a year after the wedding date. However, I just learned that it’s a MYTH that you have up to a year from the wedding/receiving the gift to write a thank you note back. Gulp… according to this we have until the end of July!

We set up 4 separate registries with Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and Zola!


TheKnot website mentioned that they would donate a portion of any purchase made through the website link to a charity of my choosing, American Cancer Society up to 6 months post wedding date. All items purchased after will not be counted. (It’s really unclear if they will show you the actual amount contributed. Better than nothing?) Similar to the wedding website post(s) this will be a 2 parter as well. I will do an actual full blown review next week of Amazon and Zola, as that was where 90% of our items were located.


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Batman v Superman’s Fatal Flaw

I’ve seen this movie three times now. Once in theaters where I actually started to fall asleep (a first). Once after it was put on HBO Now to see if I missed anything redeeming. And once to write this.

Who’s wanted to see Batman and Superman fight each other? What’s that? Everyone born after 1939? What a letdown!

There is a lot wrong with this movie. There’s the stitched together story, the forced cameos from the future Justice League (save Wonder Woman), Batman the Bullet Farmer, Superman not growing from his experiences in Man of Steel, lack of color, and the most painful Lex Luthor portrayal I’ve seen in a movie. Also, kryptonite. I am so sick of kryptonite. Use your imaginations to find other ways to fight Superman!

Image result for kryptonite bvs
I call it, “The Lazy Spear”!

The sad thing is that I can forgive all of that because of the good elements.


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