Eau Claire,Wisconsin – Food and Almost Free Fun

I spent the most time in Eau Claire was our home base. We explored many food joints and some of the town's free and affordable offerings.

The Last Airbender Live Action “Movie” Review

This "movie" is awful. Want to read about it?

A taste of the twin cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul

Minnesota Twin Cities – Minneapolis and St. Paul via Sun Country

A brief taste of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, plus a surprise encounter. I had a great time experiencing Minneapolis and St. Paul!

Star Trek Discovery Cover

Star Trek: Discovery is Formerly Unfamiliar Star Trek

Course correction not needed, but that didn't stop them.

Black Panther is Good, but Not Amazing

Does the movie itself make this a landmark in film making?

Wisconsin to Minnesota (Twin Cities) Fall & Winter Guide

A brief overview of my first time visiting Wisconsin and the Twin Cities (Minneapolis / St. Paul)! Check the other posts with more detail about each of the different locations.

The Orville: Familiar Star Trek

I expected The Orville to be a terrible, cheap Star Trek knockoff that was just there to make a quick buck. Find out in the review whether it's worth watching.

Sephora Rewards Bazaar Review It Cosmetics Cover

Sephora Rewards Bazaar – IT Cosmetics 1500 Point Redemption

I redeemed for an IT Cosmetics Set worth 1,500 Beauty Insider points! Find out what I thought of all of the products and whether it was worth spending my points.

Doctor Who "The Girl in the Fireplace" cover

Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace

By popular vote, David Tennant was revealed as the favorite portrayal of the Doctor in "Doctor Who". I re-watched and reviewed one of the most acclaimed episodes "The Girl in the Fireplace".

Winter Indoor New England Cover Hot Chocolate

Indoor β˜• New England Winter Ideas

Spending time outdoors in the winter may not be everyone's cup of tea. I present to you a list of INDOOR activities you can try to still have an eventful time in New England specifically!

Outdoor β˜ƒοΈ New England Winter Ideas

Instead of hibernating all winter long, I challenge you to try some of the outdoor activity ideas in New England!

The Last Jedi Star Wars Cover

The Last Jedi is the Most Polarizing Star Wars Movie

How does "The Last Jedi" stand up to a second viewing after the First Impression? How it's understandably the most polarizing Star Wars movie.